Miniature Performance Horses

R&B Tennessee's Dash of Spice

National GRAND Champion Open Pleasure Driving

11 Time National Champion
5 Time National Reserve Champion
6 Time National Top Three
17 Time National Top Ten
2 Time Hall of Fame
2 Time National Champion Sire



A Dash of Spice in our life!

As many people do,we purchased our first two minis for our daughters to play with. But, quickly realized this was something our entire family could enjoy, especially if we had a driving horse and cart. I was attending a driving clinic and heard about a little bay colt from British Colombia that may suit our needs. I took a road trip to meet this little guy and fell in love! He had soft kind intelligent eyes and I felt like he was only naughty because he was bored and needed a family and a job. I purchased R&B Tennessee's Dash of Spice along with a cart and harness and we went to work. We were not looking for a show horse and were told when we purchased him that should we decide to show he would only be competitive at the local level but was not talented enough to compete at the national level. We were also told that he would make a nice family horse if he was gelded, so we made an appointment with our vet to have the procedure done. On the appointed day we forgot and stood up the vet! It must have been fate because we have never regretted it. Having all his "parts" intact has never been a problem not even with our young girls handling him.

Since I now had a cart and harness I decided I needed to learn to drive so I started driving lessons with my new instructor Cherilyn Simagna. After a couple of lessons she saw in Dash what I did and talked me into showing him. We did very well at that first show and were "hooked" with the show bug. I decided my goal for the following year was a Championship Neck Sash Ribbon in a Driving Class... we earned 28 of them the following season, as well as a National Championship! Dash also earned enough points to go into the AMHR Hall of Fame in 1999 as a 4 year old. The following year he was inducted into the Roadster Hall of Fame.

There are a lot of National Champion Driving horses and I knew Dash could do more than just drive so we started jumping with the goal of a National or Reserve National Championship in Versatility. The following year at the 2000 AMHR Nationals he won both the Amateur and Open Versatility Classes as well as the Open Jumper, and seven Driving Classes including National Grand Champion Open Pleasure Driving Horse. We then headed to Ft. Worth Texas for the AMHA National Show where we earned the award I am most proud of, the Amateur Owned Trained and Exhibited Driving National Championship. This class with his other accomplishments proves that a lot of love and hard work can make a show horse without a lot of money or sending your horse to a full time trainer. In his short show career Dash won 11 National Championships, and five Reserve National Championships for me before we retired him to stud at the end of 2000. In 2004 Dash’s first foal, HW Dash’s Spicey Little Buster, won his first National Championship in Amateur Owned Trained and Exhibited Driving, trained and driven by Kay Marschel. As of 2004 Dash has 6 offspring that are old enough to compete in performance classes. All 6 of them have been in the top ten at Nationals with 4 of them already winning either National or Reserve National Championships!

Retired life for Dash includes living full time with his favorite mare, Sami’s Dominique. He taught both my girls, and many of their little friends to drive, We drive him in parades, on trails, at rest homes, schools, church activities and just for fun!! My husband often infers that I love Dash more than I love him - I even have a personalized plate that reads "MS DASH" (which I had made before he won even his first National Championship).

In the last seven years Dash has totally changed our lives. He is a little horse but he has a big heart that has stolen mine!

Lori Caldwell